The Post-Aloha Airlines Era
Despite Economic Woes, Kauai Leaders Intend to Hold Out on Allowing Superferry Service Until Kauai Residents are Reduced to Eating Dog Food and Sleeping Under Bridges

There Goes Obama's Chance Down the Drain
Despite Having His Calls to Obama Campaign HQ Go Unanswered, Abercrombie Fancies Himself an Advisor to the "Coachable" Barack Hussein Obama; If Only He'd Listen to Our Ponytailed 60's Radical Congressman, Then Hawaii's Native Son from Preppie Punahou Could Be the 44th POTUS

Maybe He Would Have Avoided Arrest if He Had a SHOPO Bumpersticker?
Yet Another Drunk Policeman Assigned to Special Traffic Duty Cruising for Drunken Politicians

Stoned Hippie Environmentalists Take Over County Council
Despite Success of Oahu's High Volume Garbage-to-Energy Program, Clueless Big Island Council Members Think that Curbside Recycling Is, Like, Totally Better Dude; So What If the Landfills are Filled, Let's Crush Some Cans and Save Those Newspapers

How Drunk Was Democrat State Senator Ron Menor?
Honolulu Lawyer Specializing in Defending Drunk Drivers (all of whom are innocent, wink-wink) Claims That Menor's DUI Test Was Flawed (not the three he refused, but the one he took and failed)

Menor Blames 'Foot Pain' for Refusal to Get Out of His Car to Touch His Nose and Perform Field Sobriety Test for Police Officers -- "...fractured left foot that I had sustained previously made it difficult to walk"

Two Hours Before Menor Gets Arrested, Local Citizen Witnesses Menor Walking All the Way From Blaisdell Arena to the Honolulu Club and Up the Steep Vehicle Ramp, Rather Than Taking Elevator to His Car; Where Was the Foot Pain That Caused Menor So Much Difficulty??

Big Government Strikes Again
State Legislature to Create Fundraising Target List for Rep. Magaoay's Non-Profit Pay-t0-Play Operation

FLASHBACK: Magaoay's Grants-Awarding Job a Lucrative Post; State Politician Raises More $$ Than Any Other Member of Legislature, Two Years Running

Hawaii Reporter: Rep. Magaoay's Non-Profit Grant $$ Consulting Service

Didn't Out-of-Touch Lingle Say Hawaii's Economy Was Doing Great
Aloha Air Cargo Closes and Prepares to Be Liquidated, Along with the Rest of Aloha Airlines; Businesses and Consumers to Be Affected by Death of Local Air Shipping Giant

Shutdown of 85% of Hawaii's Air Cargo Capability Could Stir Domino Effect

Visitors to Hawaii Down by 1% in March 2008; April Numbers to Be Even More Devastating, When Aloha Air and ATA Closures Are Reflected in Statistics

Tourism In a Tizzy As Arrivals Fall: "Demand for Hawaii is DOWN"

Nuptial Disaster: Nearly 20% Fewer Get Married In Hawaii Versus One Year Ago

17 Years of Criminal Activity; Loss of $$ to City Was Made Up by Taxpayers
HGEA Member and City Employee Provides Local Companies With Illegal Discounts on Motor Vehicle Registrations in Exchange for Bribes; Brian Hamasaki Will Probably NOT Be Featured in the HGEA's Ad Campaign, But WILL Soon Be Providing a Wide Range of Services to Fellow Inmates

It Turns Out That This Scumbag Was Busted For Drugs by Airport Security on His Way to Las Vegas; Were Drugs and Gambling the Reason for Hamasaki's Financial Scheme?

Does Hawaii Need a Border Fence Too?
Shirokiya Busted for Hiring Illegal Aliens from Japan, Nicaragua, Philippines

The Magic Is Gone; The Spell Is Broken
Gov. Lingle Unable to Get Democrats to Support Kitty Lagareta, a Democrat Supporter of Lingle's, Re-Appointed to UH Board of Regents for Another 5-Year Term

You WON'T See This Story in the Wimpy Local Media
HAWAII REPORTER EXCLUSIVE: Feds Raid Offices of Shippers from Hawaii to Guam; Tip of the Iceberg Concerning Anti-Trust and Price-Fixing; Spotlight Shed on Hawaii's Shipping Monopoly and Impact on Our High Cost of Living

Private Sector Businesspeople Break It to Idiot Politicians and Business School Dropouts:
Development of Turtle Bay WILL Be Necessary to Avoid Losing Money

Size of Election Year Signs at Issue
Incumbent Republican Thielen Applauds Effort to Restrict Ability of Republican Challengers to Unseat Democrat Majority Incumbents

Idiots at Star-Bulletin Editorial Staff Speak Out
Rail Will NOT Help Traffic Congestion But a 4-Year-Old Survey Says Voters Want Something Done About Traffic Congestion, Therefore Inititive Campaign to Collect Signatures Will Fail; HUH?

Como Se Dice "Flipper" En Espanol?
Firm From Madrid, Spain Buys Sea Life Park; SLP Added to Portfolio of Zoos, Museums and Attractions Around the World

Can't Blame the Superferry
Kauai Pot Farmer Pleads Guilty; 6,000 Plants Valued at $6 Million: Tested Positive for Cocaine When Caught

Is There Something They're Not Telling Us?
UPDATE: Despite the Rosy Talk, State Legislators Prepare for Doom and an "Ugly Situation" By Saving Welfare Funds for the Forthcoming Economic Downturn

Let's Watch our Economy Die, Economic Disaster at a Time
Businesses and the Postal Service Prepare for Impact of Aloha Airlines Pilots Strike on Movement of Shipped Goods and Mail via Aloha's Cargo Operations

With 85% of Market Share, Aloha Air Cargo and Pilots Union Meet with Federal Negotiators

You Mean This Isn't Done Already?
With Millions and Millions and Millions Already Spent, the City Says It Might Finally Get Around to Synchronizing Traffic Lights

Education Reform for Hawaii May Have to Be Imposed by Washington, D.C.
President Bush Pushes for Vouchers to Help Keiki Trapped in Low-Performing Schools Escape to Better Schools; "Every parent should have a choice as to where they want to send their children"

HAWAII DEMOCRATS OPPOSE REFORM: Head of Hawaii State House's Education Committee Opposes Vouchers and Repeats the Tired Old Mantras of the Union Anti-Private School Cabal

Making Sure Promises Are Kept
Angry Ewa Beach Parents Petition D.O.E. -- and WIN -- to Ensure Their Kids Go to New School . . . As They Were Promised

First City: Honolulu; Second City: Kapolei; Third City: Haleiwa???
Bishop Estate Trustees Pursue Ambitious New Development Plan for Quaint North Shore Town; Linda Lingle Wants to "Keep the Country Country" With Turtle Bay . . . Oh, But There's An Exception When It Comes to Part-Hawaiian Developers Like Bishop Estate

Deadlocked Again; Chair Marshall Returns to Oahu but Absent Again;
City Council Has Until Mid-July to Remain Relevant in Rail Debate

Cachola Says 'Bummer' About Noise for Salt Lake and Foster Gardens; It's Really Up to the Mayor, I Did All I Can, and I Support Rail Anyway, Too Bad

Advertiser Columnist Intends to Sign's Initiative Petition

The Hidden Agenda of The Rail Project
The 'Redevelopment' Cat Is Out of the Bag; Waipahu Residents Have Mixed Reaction to Rail Development

For People That Never Belonged to a Tribe, These People Sure Are 'Indian Givers'
Bishop Estate (a.k.a. Kam Schools) Wants Its Hush Money Back Paid as a Last-Minute $7 Million Settlement to Non-Hawaiian Applicant In Order to Avoid an Adverse U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Racially-Exclusionary Admission Practices, Which Were Invented SINCE Bernice Pauahi Bishop's Death

The Calm Before the Storm
City Council To Keep Property Taxes the Same, For Now; Of Course, They Haven't Started to Build or Operate Rail Just Yet

Just What We Need, Another STUDY
Rather Than Addressing the Cost of Doing Business which Makes Doctors Go Elsewhere, the Legislature Decides to Put a Panel Together to "Study" Other Approaches

Anti-Tort Reform Democrat Tommy Waters Continues to Pursue Vengeful Vendetta Against Pro-Tort Reform Democrat Josh Green

It's Almost an Obsession
Lingle Desperately Wants Taxpayers to Buy Turtle Bay Resort; Negotiations Won't Be Finished in Time, So a Special Session of Legislature Will Likely Be Called; Decision to be Made by Hawaii Politicians -- Most of Whom Have Never Held Real Jobs for Very Long, Let Alone Run a Hotel

Remember Hawaii's Run on Toilet Paper in the 1970's??
Local Panic Leads to Rice Hoarding and Purchasing Limits

Sam's Club Limiting Rice Sales; The Global Run on Food Is Making Its Way to Hawaii's Shores

Independent Schools Punished for Being Independent
State Politicians Again Underfund Charter Schools; Spending Per Pupil at Public Schools versus Charter Schools: $11,531 to $7,000

Wake the Kids, Phone the Neighbors
Kailua 8th Grader Reveals Existence of Racism Against Caucasians (a.k.a. "Haoles") In Hawaii

Clotheslines versus Electric Dryers
Debate Over Aesthetics and Energy Savings Rages at State Legislature, Pitting Homeowner Associations Against Environmentalists

Anti-Rail Signature Drive May Have Already Won
BURRIS: Rail's History of Failure in Honolulu Combined with's Initiative Campaign May Convince Federal Funders that NO CONSENSUS Exists on Oahu

SHAPIRO: Maybe It's Time That Voters Weigh In On Rail Debate; After All, It's the Most Expensive Public Works Project In Hawaii History

MUFI: Screw the Council, Screw the Voters, I'm Gonna Do What I Want and You Can't Stop Me

THIS GUY NAILS IT ON THE HEAD: Rail Is Not About Alleviating Traffic Congestion, It's About Lubricating West Oahu Real Estate Sales; Would You Rather Have All of Oahu Look Like Dense Makiki or Spreadout Mililani?

Things Can Go Down for Hawaii REALLY FAST
SIU: Sound The Alarm, A Perfect Storm Is About to Hit Hawaii

And This is the Government Agency Which Teaches Math to Our Children?!?!?!?!
If WalMart Can Tell You Their Customer Counts Per Store Each Day, How Come the Hawaii D.O.E. Can't Honestly Tell You How Many Kids Dropout Before Graduating?

OK, Rail Won't Help Traffic, But It Will Provide Some Union Construction Jobs for a Few Years
Uh-Oh, Construction Jobs Shrank by 100 Last Month; We Better Go Build a Super-Expensive Rail Transit System as a Make-Work Project

State A.G., Leading 1st Amendment Lawyer and Prominent Web Reporter Seem Agreeable
Compromise May Be In the Works for Journalist Protections in Hawaii; Those Affected are Cautiously Optimistic

That's Alright, We'll Just Have Matson Import More Food from Elsewhere
We Talk "Sustainability", But We Can't Go Fishing Around the Uninhabited N.W. Hawaiian Islands

City Council Committee Approves Rail Route
Proposed Rail Route Continues To Bypass Ewa Beach, Bypass Airport, Screech Through Salt Lake and Eventually Down Kuhio Into Waikiki

Who'd Want to Run a Business You Can't Really Run?
Pilots Union Asks Court to Force New Owners of Aloha Air Cargo to Give Up Right to Choose Employees and Force New Owners to Retain Current Pilots

Retired Police Officer and Retired Naval Officer Speak Out on Akaka Bill and OHA
Entitlements for One Group Discriminate Against All of Us; Separation By Race Will Destroy Hawaii's Racial Harmony

On the Bright Side, "For Lease" Signs are Selling Like Hotcakes
Empty Commercial Real Estate Spaces Serve As Indicator of Sluggish Hawaii Economy

Inouye and Lingle-Supporter Hawaii Shipping Monopoly to Blame
Milk Prices About To Rise Even Higher; The Only Commodity in the State Subject to Price Controls

Local Politicians Refuse to Fight Against Monopoly Which Artificially Increases Prices; Kickbacks from Monopoly Shippers and Shipping Unions Speak Louder than Voters

And It Won't Help Traffic Either . . .
Rail Will Destroy Views and Diminish the Visual Beauty of Honolulu

Dozens of Trees Will Be Felled to Make Way for Concrete and Steel Public Works, Make-Work Project

Bad Economy Combined with High Cost of Living
Bankruptcies in Hawaii On the Rise; Many of You, Your Friends and Neighbors are On the Edge of Financial Trouble

Innovation Alert
Local Auto Mechanic Develops 'Green' Way to Cool Your Car

Politicians AWOL
Escalating Food Prices, The Death of Local Agriculture, and Hawaii's Shipping Monopoly Take Their Toll on Hawaii Residents

Where's the Aloha?
Three Waianae Men Plead Guilty to Punching, Kicking and Stomping Bicycle Riding Man to Death by Causing Him to Have a Heart Attack After Nearly Running Him Over With Their Car

Anytime, Anywhere
Hawaii Kai State Senator Sam Slom Takes the Fight Against Mufi's Rail Project All Over Town, From Heated Debates with the Mayor's Flunkies to Half-Joking Parliamentary Maneuvers at the Capitol

Things Are Looking Up
Superferry Picks Up the Slack in Wake of Aloha Air Closure by Adding 2nd Daily Trip To/From Maui

Kicking Them When They're Down?
Aloha Air Pilots Determined to Put Surviving Division of Airline Out of Business

Pilots Threaten to Strike Over Seniority Rules; Passenger Pilots Wanted Cargo Jobs Held by Less Senior Hires

Hawaii's Congressional Democrats Frustrated with Lack of Consultation and Lack of Details
While Taking Zero Action in Six Years on Hawaii's Shipping Monopoly and the Artificially High Cost of Imported Goods, Lingle Presses Forward on Trying to Buy a North Shore Resort with Taxpayer Money

Newspapers Are Dying Nationwide, Including Hawaii
Gannett Offers Honolulu Advertiser Employees Cuts to Medical Benefits and Less Bonus Money Going Forward

Payback on the Gravy Train; Good Eatin' at the Trough, Mufi?
Surprise, Surprise: Mayor Hanneman's Financial Supporters Get Lucrative Jobs on Rail Project; All this Money and Backscratching Before the First Shovel Hits the Ground; Imagine When Millions Turns to Billions and the Final Go-Ahead is Given to the Project?

One of the Biggest Supporters, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Will Probably Build the Rail; Here's Why They Probably Should Not Get the Job

And Then He Has The Nerve to Tell The City Council to Hurry Up
After Calling the Council's Deliberations a Mere Formality, An Unhinged Mufi Threatens to "Pull the Plug" If He Doesn't Get What He Wants

MUFI: "Legally, I can do it. There's nothing that can prevent me from what I'm doing."

Well, At Least We're Confident They Spent All Our Hard-Earned Money Oh-So-Prudently
After Two Consecutive Years of Accumulating Tax Surpluses With Our Money, State Legislators Decide Give Each Taxpayer ONE DOLLAR Back; They've Already Figured Out How to Spend the Rest . . . And a Free-Spending Governor Has Her Own Ideas Too

Republican Party Headquarters Organizes Counter-Attack to Reformers
Here's the Letter Supposedly Sent by Lowly Rank-and-File Lingle Supporter, But ACTUALLY Sent Out by Party's Recent-Mainland-Import Executive Director Adam DeGuire

That Didn't Take Long . . . And Here's a Response from One of the Reformers, Claiming "Hawaii's Republican Party Sinks to An All-Time Low"; The Average Hawaii Republican May Not Have A Clue What's Been Going On In Their Own Party

Does the Public Sector Even Care About Cash Flow Management?
Auditor Marion Higa Finds That Incompetent Billing by State-Run Hospital Causes Hawaii Taxpayers to Lose Money

Democrat Infighting Wastes Time and Money
Waimanalo Rep. Tommy Waters May Fall Short in Delivering Payback to His "Tort Reform" Supporting Nemesis from the Big Island Rep. Josh Green

It's Not Like They Were Given Rolex Watches
Democrat Lawmakers Ignore Conflict-of-Interest In Accepting Free Travel on Hawaiian Airlines While Airline Legislation (Fuel Tax Break + Loan Guarantees) is Pending at the State Capitol

Did Common Sense Prevail? No, Both Sides "Lost Interest"
Political Effort By Democrats to Keep Supreme Court Justice On Bench After Retirement Age Dies of Old Age at Legislature

Your Government Will NEVER Work This Hard or This Quickly for You
VIDEO: Inventor of the Segway Pulls Team of Experts Together and Creates 21st Century Artificial Arms for Maimed War Vets

Train Wreck at City Hall
With Rail Not Even Approved Yet, Public Relations Firms Feed at City-Funded Transit Trough

FLASHBACK: No Wonder Lingle Appointee Kitty Lagareta Sued the City Over Not Getting Rail Project's P.R. Contract . . . She Would Have Gotten Rich, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Deadlock on Elevated Railroad Technology, Vote Deferred Till Next Week

Six Figure Contracts Being Paid by Mufi to Public Relations People, Not to Mention th e Big Bucks for Propoganda Advertising to Persuade Taxpayers About Rail

Mayor Hannemann Vows to Ignore Council and Pick the Technology Himself, Even Though Yesterday's Stalled Vote Was Really About Rail vs. NO Rail; Wow, Look At Those Consultant Fees - NO WONDER So Many Parsons Brinckerhoff Employees Show Up at All Those Hearings and Town Hall Meetings

Family Spat
Uncle Dan Upbraids His Neice (and Annointed Senate Replacement) Linda Lingle to Stop Overpromising on Turtle Bay; Chastises Her for Surprising Him and Everyone Else with Her Sudden Plans for Turtle Bay; She Should Have Consulted Uncle Dan Sooner

History May Not Be So Kind to Democrats
BURRIS: Tying the Hands of the Current and Future Governors to Deal With Emergencies Is Going Too Far For Political Payback

Was He Showing Off In Front of New Recruits at the Police Academy?
HPD Chief Correa Criticized by Panel for Silence About Injury Which Kept Him from Showing Up to Work for Months

Sensationalism Sells Newspapers
Superferry Exemption Was "FORCED"; Never Mind That All Businesses Have Deadlines and Nobody Was Threatened or Coerced

Everyone's Favorite State Auditor, Marion Higa, Gets Stonewalled and Slowed Down by Lingle Adminstration During Superferry Investigation

More Breaking News from Hawaii G.O.P. HQ
Leaders of Local John McCain and Ron Paul Presidential Campaigns Highly Critical of Party Leadership by Lingle Loyalists

MEL'S BLOG: Eyewitness Account -- Choreographed Effort Made By Leadership to Shut Down the Platform Process

DEPLEDGE: Party Reformers Go Head to Head With Status Quo Defenders

Actual Hour Long Recording of Tape From Controversial Meeting (authorized by party committee)

FLASHBACK: Current Hawaii Republican Leaders Work to Disenfranchise Restless Rank and File Within Minority Party

Court Ruling Concerns Big Spenders
Lingle's Attorney General Worries About Protecting Hundreds of Those "Special Funds" the State Creates With Taxpayer Money

OHA Back in the News
Respected Former City Councilman Gary Gill Forced Out By OHA from Running Its Waimea Falls Operation; Did He Do or Say Something Haunani Didn't Like? Did He See Something He Shouldn't Have? Word Has It That Director Gill's Resignation Wasn't Exactly Voluntary

What Does This Mean Exactly? Will The Future OHA Government Operate Like This?

Political Party Happenings: Two Parties, Two Different Approaches
Hawaii Democrats Consider Cashing In on Obama Craze With Possible New Leader

Current Hawaii Republican Leaders Work to Disenfranchise Restless Rank and File Within Minority Party

Economic Lessons from the Free Market
While One Hawaii Airline Goes Belly Up, Another Hawaii Airline Expands: Hawaiian Airlines Introduces Service To/From Manila

Lingle Vows to Veto
Hawaii Democrat Legislators Overwhelmingly Vote to Take Away Right of Secret Ballot from Employees Considering Unionizing; Hawaii Republican Legislators Vote to Retain Right of Secret Ballot

The OHA Empire Strikes Back
OHA Trustee Mossman Alleges that Racism and Greed are Behind New Lawsuit to Shut Down OHA . . . Ooops, That's Right, Hawaiians Are ALSO Suing to Achieve the Same Ends

FLASHBACK: Group of Six Local Residents Sues State Seeking Halt to OHA Funding; Attorney Burgess Claims that OHA Exists to Fulfill a "Racially Discriminatory Purpose"

They Still Don't Get It
Majority at State Legislature Still Intend to Spend Like Crazy, Despite Clear Signs of Economic Downturn in Hawaii

Big Spending is Priority at State Capitol, Even While the Rest of Us Tighten Our Belts

Damn the Torpedos, Full Speed Ahead
UPDATE: So What If Time are Tough for Honolulu International Airport, Let's Spend All That Money Anyway

Vacant Spaces Left Behind by Aloha Air and ATA Force Big Spending Airport Managers to Reconsider $2.3 Billion "Modernization" Plan, Hawaii's Second Biggest Fiscal Bonanza After Rail Transit

On the Take, He's Got His . . .
Political Insider and Union Hack Tries to Justify Hawaii's Shipping Monopoly Which Leads to High Price of Imported Goods Due to Lack of Shipping Competition

The Perks of Playing the Game
Honolulu Mayor and Councilmembers Opt to Take Global "Business Trips" to Learn About Transit RATHER Than Repair 8,700 Potholes

A Few Less State Holidays and Smoke Breaks Might Just Speed Things Up
Nearly One Year Later, Hawaii Court Still Deciding Whether Infamous Ewa Beach Teenage Murderer/Rapist/Thief Should Be Tried As Adult

Now I Get It !!
Rail Has Something for Everyone, Including Developers; Sure, It Won't Help Traffic One Bit, But It WILL Help Our Greedy Campaign Contributors by Letting Them Build and Build and Build All Along the Rail Line . . . Especially Around Those Gigantic Train Stations

Lingle and the Majority Party Can't Keep This Secret for Long
Unemployment Explodes in Hawaii - 133%; More Than Half of Jobless Applicants From Aloha Air

And the Award Goes To . . .
Out of 50 States Plus D.C., Hawaii Rated 12th WORST for Business Taxes

Corporate Welfare for Aloha?
If Competition Brings Prices Down, Then Why Are Hawaii Politicians So Hostile to Business? Do They Benefit From the Success of a Protected Few, Like A&B's Matson?

Providing Special Loan Guarantees for Airlines
What's Next, Providing Tax Breaks to Gas-Guzzling Taxi Services to Protect Them Against Fuel-Efficient Taxi Services?

Big City Madness: Dead Voters and Non-Existent Gov't Employees
Mufi Hanneman Administration Wants to Continue Funding Vacant Positions; Some Councilmembers Actually Ask "Why?"

Freeway Closures
Hmmm, Graffiti Taggers Never Have to Re-Route Traffic Just to Climb Up Onto Those Overhead Freeway Signs

Even the Star-Bulletin Gets It
Waimanalo Democrat and Lawyer Tommy Waters Uses Legislation to Punish Big Island Democrat and Doctor Josh Green for Supporting Tort Reform to Lower Cost of Doctor Insurance and Make Lawsuits Less Profitable for Lawyers Like Waters

Threatening to Launch Ethics Investigation Against Waters, Green Meets with Speaker Say in Hopes of 'Racheting Down' the Intra-Party Warfare While Waiting to See What Happens; Green Calls Waters a "Good Guy"

Power Plays at the State Capitol
Upset with Gov. Lingle for Using Emergency Powers to Help the Homeless, Democrats Move to Tie Hands of Governor and Shut Down Homeless Shelters

VIDEO: Kailua State House Rep. Cynthia Thielen (R) Lets Loose on Dems Over Proposed Closure of Emergency Homeless Shelters

The Decision-Makers' Heads Should Be Examined
Judge Approves Request from Mental Institution's Doctors to Let Certifiable Crazy Killer Roam the Streets

Forcing People Out of Their Cars
92% of People Get Neglected With City's Rail Boondoggle; Planned Misery Is What's In Store For Us

Never a Dull Moment at the State Legislature
Democrats Punish One of Their Own for Supporting Tort Reform; 'Children of the Taro' Bummed About Lack of Moratorium on Science

UH-West Oahu Chancellor Learns Why Most People Won't Ride Rail
City's Decision to Move Train Station Away from Campus Will Affect Ridership; Most Folks on Oahu Don't Live or Work Anywhere Near Proposed Train Stations

Attention Backseat Teenage Couples Thinking of Having a Baby
Remember to Budget for Junior's Bus Fare To and From School; The Price Is Going Up, Just Like School Lunch Fees

Honolulu Mayor Shows His True Colors

Mufi Hanneman Vetoes Bill Passed Unanimously by City Council to Prevent Conflicts-of-Interest by City Employees Dealing with Former Employers

Mental Breakdown
SHAPIRO: Newspaper Columnist Convinced That Racism Against Non-Whites Is Behind Republican Unwillingness to Pretend that Modern Hawaiians Are Simply Indians in Search of a Tribe

Negotiations Between Pilots Union and Aloha, Have Deteriorated in "Substance, Tone and Tenor."
Aloha Air's Union Pilots Show Gratitude For Still Having Jobs with Cargo Operation By Organizing "Sick Out" Resulting in Massive Flight Cancellations

Some Hawaiians Want To Have Greater Opportunities to Sue
Lingle's "Settlement" with OHA Appears to Be Dead at the Legislature

State Senators Favor More Negotiation, More Money, More Lawsuits, More Meetings

Past Chairman of Hawaiian Homes Commission and a "50+ percenter" Says That OHA Is Ignoring Its Primary Purpose of Serving Hawaiians Who Are Still Mostly Hawaiian

Why Hold a Hearing About a Dead Airline?
Despite Dan Inouye Calling Hawaii "A Unique Place With Unique Needs", Longtime Supporter of the Jones Act Still Refuses to End Hawaii's Shipping Monopoly Which Increases Cost of Living

Political Cash for Clout
By 2-to-1, Aloha Airlines Put Its Faith in Democrats Over Republicans

Aloha CEO Banmiller Gave $$ to Dan Inouye, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party of Hawaii

Still Waiting for a Response
UPDATE: Anti-Rail Councilmembers Urge Mayor and Fellow Councilmembers to Give Back Contributions from Rail-Related Special Interests

Justfied Drunken Driving for Justice
Former Bishop Estate Trustee's Lawyer Thinks It's "Rather Odd" That the Egg Throwing, Drunk Driving Punk Kids Are NOT Being Charged At All

BOO-HOO: Carlisle Wants to Gag Jervis' Attorney for Making "Unfair Public Statements"

The Death of Agriculture
Local Farmers Also Face the Problem of Hawaii's Unaffordability

Waimanalo Farmers Ordered to Cut Water Use

FLASHBACK: Shhhh, Oahu Will Run Out of Potable Water By 2018 . . . Just 10 Years From Now

Ironic, Isn't It?
Downturn in Hawaii Economy Might Force State Gov't to Go On Welfare, In Order to Help Those On Welfare

Onetime Insider Speaks Out
Former State Transportation Director Criticizes $4.8 Billion Choo-Choo Plan

While Our Top Court OK's "Enhanced Sentencing" . . .
Hawaii Supreme Court Makes It Harder for Prosecutors to Pursue Extended Terms of Imprisonment

Where's the Aloha?
At 1:15a.m on Sunday Morning., Drunk Waianae Teens Cause Collision Through Reckless Driving; No Comment from the Negligent Parents

Waianae Shooting Suspect Charged with Kidnapping and the Execution Style Murder Using a Gun with a Silencer . . . Oh, and for Drugs Too

A Travesty of Justice
Rather Than the HGEA or the Guilty Social Workers Coughing Up the Dough, Innocent Taxpayers Must Pay $1.1 Million to Victim of Child Abuse Under CPS Care

Apparently, Child Abuse is Caused By an Insufficient Level of Gov't Spending and Not By Bad Parenting

The Favored Few versus Equal Protection for All
ASSOCIATED PRESS: Lawsuit Seeks to Disband OHA

OHA's Apoliona Bummed Out About New Lawsuit: "They Are Asking For a Court Order to Immediately Shut OHA Down"

The Silent Majority Waited Until It Was Too Late
UPDATE: The Economic Impact of Chasing Away and Shutting Down Molokai Ranch Hits Home for Molokai Residents and Businesspeople

The Community Will Have to Determine Its Destiny . . . While Continuing to be Subsidized by Tax Money from People and Businesses on All the Other Islands

Tough Choices in the Economic Emergency Room
BORECCA: Hawaii's Economy on Life Support

Al Gore Calls for a Recount; Claims Hanging Chads Were Not Counted Properly
Hula Halau Wins by One Point at Merrie Monarch Festival

Senator from Hawaii Gets Married in . . . Los Angeles, California???

Don't Attack Smoking, Arrest Litterbugs
Big Island Mayor Harry Kim Tells Hawaii's County Council He'll Extinguish Their Ban-on-Smoking-at-the-Beach Bill

Restricting Competition Is Just Plain Bad
Hawaii and California Governors Take On Federal Gov't for Stacking the Deck Against the Majority of Cruise Ships

As If Our Existing Govt's Aren't Enough . . .
Sen. Akaka Thinks He Has Enough Votes from Mainland Senators to Create a Brand New Government in Hawaii for Part-Hawaiians Only

TRASK: OHA Needs to Be Transparent and Accountable for the Funds It Manages; Assets Being Transferred to Newly-Created LLC's, Expensive Dining and Travel, Nepotism, Gross Mismanagement of Funds, Large Payments for Ad Campaign to Appear After Akaka Bill Passes, etc.

The Mother of All Lawsuits re Sovereignty
AG Claims 'Just Another Burgess Lawsuit'; 'Non-Hawaiians Don't Have Standing to Complain' . . . Yeah, Right!!

OHA and Gov. Lingle, Through Her Attorney General, Vow to Fight Lawsuit, Especially Since They Are Defendants

ADVERTISER: Group of Six Local Residents Sues State Seeking Halt to OHA Funding; Attorney Burgess Claims that OHA Exists to Fulfill a "Racially Discriminatory Purpose"

STAR-BULLETIN: Lawsuit Filed to Dismantle OHA For Being Unconstitutionally Biased Against Non-Ethnic Hawaiians, Arguing that Ceded Lands Are Supposed to Benefit ALL of Hawaii's People . . . Not Just Aboriginals, Like OHA Wants for Ethnically Exclusive Gov't; U.S. District Court of Appeals Already Agrees With Plaintiffs' Claim Regarding Ceded Lands

OHA Tries Last Minute Gambit of Using a Single Homesteader Group's "Support" to Revive Failed $200 Million Ceded Lands Deal

Absolut's New Ad Campaign Could Drive Citizens of California, New Mexico, and Other Southwestern States to Drink Heavily
Emboldened By the Akaka Bill's Goal of Ethnically-Exclusive Governments, Latinos Receive Encouragement to Take Back the American Southwest

The Saga Continues
More and More Local Republicans In Policymaking Positions are Turning Out to Be Democrats; Minority GOP House Leader Lynn Finnegan Thinks It's Funny; Democrats Think It's Even Funnier

Spin Doctors Victorious Over Local Media
Despite Declaring Bankruptcy Just One Month After Taking Over Aloha Air, Continuing to Lose Money and Then Gutting Employee Pensions Before Go! Airlines Even Entered the Hawaii Market, All the Blame Gets Put on Go! Airlines Instead of Aloha President David Banmiller

In Hawaii, It's Who You Know
Influential Developer in Kapolei Gets Rail Route Moved Closer to Development and Further from Campus of Commuting Students at West Oahu Campus

City Councilmember from Kapolei/Ewa, Connected to that Same Developer, Hardly Puts Up a Fight

Go Figure
Huh? What? Hawaii Spends ABOVE the National Average for Public Education, But Gets Results BELOW the National Average

After Aloha Air Folds, Proposals to Help Airlines Abound
Looking for Face Time During an Election Year, Hawaii Politicians Wait Until It's Too Late to Impress Constituents

We Don't Need It, We Can't Afford It, We Can't Maintain It
UPDATE: Mayor Mufi and Council Prepare to Give Themselves a Pay Raise, While City Budget Soars 72% Higher In Just Three Years

Banmiller Unhinged
VIDEO: Aloha Air CEO and Unhappy Camper Lashes Out On Last Day in Business

The Free Market Works . . . When You Let It
Remaining Two Major Airlines Take Up the Slack

State Government Drops Everything for 1,900 People at Aloha Airlines
In Hawaii, It's WHO You Know: Relief For a Mere .001% of Hawaii's 1.3 Million Population Gets Put on Fast-Track by Politicians; Remaining 3% of Unemployed Population Allowed to Languish

GAMBIT: Announce Closure While Legislature Is In Session . . . It Might Just Work
Bankrupt Aloha Airlines (2nd time in 4 years) Shuts Down Operations Effective Tomorrow (Monday); Hopeful That Taxpayers Will Foot the Bill to Get Them Back in the Air; So Do We Bail Out Aloha -or- Buy Turtle Bay -or- Fund Rail -or- Give Union Raises -or- Rescue Molokai -or- . . .???

Molokai Was Warned
Molokai Ranch's Environmental Impact Statement in 2006 Clearly Spelled Out That Failure to Proceed with Project Would Mean Doom for the Company and Shutdown of Its Operations; Anti-Ranch Activists May Have Used EIS Pages for Rolling Doobies Instead of Reading Them

WAAAH: Lingle Spokesman Mark Bennett Cries Foul
Audit of OHA Given High Priority by State Senate; Audit Results Can't Come Back Fast Enough; No Settlement with OHA Until Suspect and Mysterious Finances are Sorted Out

Topsy-Turvy World
The Fix Was In: State Office of Information Practices Rules That Under Sunshine Law, It's O.K. to Hold Unpublicized Official Government Meetings Behind Locked Doors

"People Got In Over Their Heads"
Hawaii Foreclosure Rate Getting Higher and Higher; 1 out of 50 Homeowners Delinquent on Mortgage Payments

The Lesser Known Nightmarish Aspect of Rail
SLATER: Heavily-Subsized TOD's (Transit Oriented Development) Around Each Train Station Will Combine With Higher Property Taxes to Economically Suffocate Oahu Residents

OHA Trustee Is Functionally Illiterate
Walter Heen Thinks that OHA, a State Gov't Agency, is Outside the Jurisdiction of State Legislators Who Are Meddling In OHA Policy Decisions

Here Comes the Bailout
State Lawmakers Introduce Bill to "Save" Bankrupt Aloha Airlines; Hmm, Pretty Convenient Timing for Announcing Bankruptcy While Part-Time Legislators Were Still in Session

Shhh, Don't 'Talk Down' the Economy
Hawaii's Unemployment Numbers Creeping Upwards to Highest Level in Four Years; Aloha State Moves from Lowest Jobless Rate to 42nd Lowest

Common Sense Lacking, Ms. Cataluna
OHA Trustee's Daughter Blames Capitalism for Molokai's Economic Woes, The Same Capitalism Which Was Blocked at Every Turn; "It's sad that people will be without jobs"

What Have They Got to Hide?
Momentum Builds for Complete Audit of OHA; State Senators Want Marion Higa's Audit to Be Pau In Time for Next Year's Legislature to Revisit the Proposed OHA Settlement; Lingle's Attorney General Has Hissy Fit As His Well-Laid Plans Go South in a Hurry

HAWAII REPORTER: Here Are the Murky Details Everyone Wants to Shed Light On . . .

Promises Promises
Pro-Rail Mainland Politician Says That Elevated Heavy Rail for Honolulu "Just has to happen"; Promises (though NOT in writing) to try to get $900 Million in Federal Tax Dollars -- Less than One-Fourth The Ever-Increasing Pricetag for Construction Alone

Welfare for Corporations
You KNEW It Had to Happen: Politicians Start Talking about Big Financial Bailout of Aloha Airlines with Taxpayer Dollars

SIGALL: As a Business, Aloha Airlines Should Get Money from Its Own Ohana, NOT from Taxpayers

Who Needs Competition?
HMSA To Hike Medical Insurance Premiums for Small Business Employees by 12.8%; HMSA Averages 7.6% Increase in Premiums Every Year Since 1999

Where's All the Money Going?
With Doubts About Its Finances and Questions About Its Priorities, a Special Audit Demanded for Office of Hawaiian Affairs; Is OHA Doing Its Job of Helping Hawaiians, or Mostly Feathering Its Own Nest?

Of Course They're Upset: OHA Angry Over Proposed Audit; Lingle Thinks the Legislature Should Just Hand Money and Land to OHA Without Even Caring About Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Mismanagement; Even OHA's Beneficiaries Support An Audit

Read What Regular Local Folks Are Saying . . .

Brain Drain?
Rather than Growing, Honolulu's Population Shrinks by 0.1% Compared to Last Year; Better Opportunities Elsewhere?; Fear of Higher Taxes?; Concern about Meth-Fueled Crime; Aghast at Coming Division of State Along Racial Lines?

Not All Locals Love the Aina
After Volunteer Beach Cleanup in Waimanalo, Residents Return to Trash Beaches with Left Behind Makeshift BBQ Pits, Broken Glass and Other Illegal Activity

So What Else Is New?
While Hawaiians Languish on Waiting Lists for Homesteads, Hawaiian Leaders (as usual) Get Top Priority with Fancy, New Headquarters for Dept. of Hawaiian Homelands

Instead of a Failed Program, Let's Spend $30 Million to Buy Some Honesty
The Only Difference Between Poorly-Performing Part-Hawaiian Kids in School and Everyone Else (including Decently-Performing Part-Hawaiian Kids) Is PARENTING

Open Borders?
New Immigrants to Hawaii, Mostly Honolulu, Bring Increase in Tuberculosis Cases, Up 7% from 2006 to 2007; Disease Attacks Lungs and Exploits Immune System

Why Pay Professors If Politicians Won't Listen to Them?
New Study of Oahu Traffic Congestion Reveals Cheaper Solutions Than Rail -- Solutions Which Actually Reduce Traffic Congestion

KHNL ...



Here's a PDF of the Full Study . . . and the Executive Summary

The Truth Will Set You Free
Transit Tax Proves to Be a Big Windfall for the State; Most Local Politicians DON'T Want the Excess to Be Returned to Taxpayers

Reality Bites
Practical Molokai Residents Realize that Living Off the Aina Will NOT Pay the Mortgage; The Price of Victory for Hardcore Preservationists Will Probably Include Hunger, Homelessness, and Hatred for Hardcore Preservationists

Molokai Teen Steals Car, Crashes and Dies; His Three Teenage Accomplices Were Treated and Released by Hospital

Too Busy Preparing for U.S. Senate Campaign to Use Bully Pulpit
Useless During the Runup to this Crisis, Lingle Waited on Sidelines Until Emergency Hit Molokai, Rather Than Persuading Residents to Support Private Economic Investment Before It Was Too Late

The Big, Frightening Picture
BURRIS: Sovereignty Leaders Have Far More in Mind Than Just a Few Chunks of Land and Some Annual Payments to OHA

Could It Be the Parenting?
Ethnic Hawaiian Children Aren't Doing As Well In School As They Should; Somehow, Hawaiian Leaders Keep Making Money for Themselves Off of Special "Programs"

You Don't Say?
SHAPIRO: Time to Look Closely at DOE Money Trail

Dude Looks Like a Lady . . . Because She Is
Moustached Former Isle Lesbian Who Underwent Partial Sex Change Now Claims To Be Pregnant in Oregon; Try Explaining That Story to Your Kids

As If Organizing a Workplace Union Wasn't Easy Enough in Hawaii . . .
Hawaii Democrats Put Bill On Lingle's Desk Which Would Make It Even Easier to Get Union Endorsements

A Journalistic Shield Made of Paper
Lingle's Attorney General Wants All Journalists, Even Online Ones, to Serve as Unpaid Investigators for the State

The Cost of Ignoring the Need for a Growing, Diversified Economy and For Sponging Off Oahu and Maui Taxpayers
After Being Screwed at Every Turn by Molokai's Citizens and Politicians, Molokai Ranch Shuts Down ALL Operations, including Hotels, Golf Course, Gas Station, Movie Theatre and Cattle Rearing

The News is a Shocker to Molokai's 7,500 Residents: "Oh my gosh, this is just going to push us lower and lower and lower"; 'Without jobs, we can always hunt and fish'

Politicians In a Panic as Island's Largest Employer and Owner of 35% of Molokai Land Says Goodbye and Thanks for Nothing

The Steep Price of Socialism
Justifiably Frustrated Maui Doctor Leaves for Mainland After 10 Years of Trying to Start a Private Hospital Went Down the Tubes

Your Hawaii Department of Education's Sex Ed Program At Work
Diversity-Preaching Transsexuals Teach Kalani High School Students How to Have Hand Sex with a Person Who Has HIV and How to Get His Penis Erect

Governor Lingle Supports SexEd Teachers In Question, But Remains Silent About Their 'Hands On' Methods; In Fact, She's Been Pretty Silent On Education Since Losing DOE Reform Effort Years Ago; Sad, Yeah?

Print This Out for Your Dashboard
Hat Tip to Memminger: Website Lists 36 Highway Patrol Speed Traps In Hawaii

Original Article...

Hawaii Republicans Give Money to Hawaii Democrats - What Gives?
Hawaii G.O.P. Approves Policy to Let Party Leaders, Elected Officials and Policymakers Give as Much Money as They Want to Democrats . . . You Can Still Help Run the Republican Party at the Same Time -- NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!

Our Cartoonist's Thoughts On the Subject . . .

Up Up and Away -- You Don't Say
Guess What? Rail Transit Might Cost EVEN MORE Than the Last Inflated Amount We Were Told; Starting to Sound Like the $250 Million H-3 Freeway Which Ended Up Costing Taxpayers $1.3 Billion . . . a 500% Increase

Money Flows Despite City's Woes
Special Interest Groups Donate Millions to Mayor Mufi for Uncontested Reelection; Who Are These Donors and Exactly Why Are They So Thankful?

Shhh, says Inouye
PORKBUSTING: While McCain, Clinton and Obama All Support a 1-Year Moratorium on Pork Barrel Projects, Hawaii's Congressmen and Senators Keep Secret the Special Projects They Want to Fund (and they voted against the moratorium)

What a Big Surprise
Cyrus Belt's Mother Back in Jail After Being Busted in Chinatown on Outstanding Warrants; Was She Evicted? She Lists NO Permanent Address

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
OHA Just Keeps Coming Back for More; Haunani Moo Refuses to Give Up on Land and Money Grab a.k.a. "OHA Settlement"

Key Senator Says She Sees No Interest in House OR Senate to Revive the Bill

Once In A While, She Does Something Right
Gov. Lingle Vetoes 'Legal Defense' Bill Which Would Have Provided Crooked Cops (not just the good ones) with Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers to Defend Them

There Should Be a Law Against Dumb Laws
Legislative Committee "Defers" Bill to Prevent Farmers and Scientists from Improving Taro

Refreshingly Brutal Honesty
U.H. Researchers Say Hawaii Economy Grinding to a Halt

Freaking Out
Aging Hippie Editors at Honolulu Advertiser Rachet Up Pro-Rail, Pro-Steel Wheel Rhetoric in Wake of Council's Possible Change of Heart

Even the Star-Bulletin's Editors Start to Panic...

Gov. Lingle Becomes Nanny-in-Chief
Criticized for Letting Homeless Families Cut in Line for Public Housing Ahead of Needy Families Waiting Longer, Lingle Defends Her Plan for Puahala Homes Before Public Housing Authority

More She Said - They Said
While Lingle Says Hawaii's Economy is Slowing But Growing, State House Finance Committee Claims Lingle's Budget Would Spend $784 Million in Excess of Reality

Voters to Have Their Say
Honolulu City Council Unanimously Approves Djou's Proposed 'Conflict of Interest' Charter Amendment to Keep City Employees from "Helping" Their Past Employers

'50+ Percenters' versus 'One Droppers'
Native Hawaiian Homesteaders With Higher Blood Quantums Express Disgust with OHA for Pandering to Low Blood Quantum Part-Hawaiians Who Want Money for Nothing

Scot-Free: Perverted Justice in Hawaii Nei
Lawyer for St. Louis Brats Claims That No Charges Will Be Filed Against Students; After Signing Letter of Apology to School, Kids Won't Even Get a Slap On the Wrist

St. Louis Grad Criticizes Students for Being Too Afraid to Read Their Own Apology Letter

Advertiser Refuses to Publish Quartet's Names Because Their 'Crimes Weren't Serious'

We're From the Government, We Want Your Money
Honolulu Councilman Todd Apo Opposes Property Tax Reform Because Increases in Government Spending SHOULD NOT Be Limited to The Rate of Inflation

FLASHBACK: 2008 Is Fourth Time That City Budget Has Increased by DOUBLE DIGITS

"We're not anti-science." Yeah, right!
Sovereignty Activists Oppose Improvements to Taro Plants Which Make Them More Resistant to Insects and Diseases; Despite Taro Being a Worldwide Plant, Extremists Claim that Making Taro BETTER is Disrespectful to Hawaiian Culture

Even the Advertiser's Editors Get It . . .

Hell Freezes Over
Local Politician ADMITS Making a Mistake: Holding an Unpublicized, Closed-Door Meeting Earns Him 'Dishonorable Lava Tube Award'

Hawaii's Fresh Water Becomes Less Plentiful
Even the Island of Maui Implements Mandatory and Voluntary Water Restrictions

Flashback: OHA and Sovereignty Activists Claim Ownership of All of Hawaii's Water - Surface, Underground and In-Between

Overwhelming Testimony from OHA Beneficiaries Against Deal
Three State Senate Committees Kill Consideration of the State/OHA Settlement; Senators Say 'Maybe Next Year?'; Measure Still Alive in State House

OHA Trustee Akana Says That In Addition to Land and Money, She Wants Ethnically-Exclusive Rights to Surface, Ground Water and Mineral Resources Too

The Aging Hippie Editors at the Advertiser Cry Foul: 'Don't Take Out Bad Feelings Toward OHA on This Settlement'

Propoganda Campaign Funded by Taxpayers
Pro-Rail Mayor Mufi Buys Airtime and Takes to Airwaves to Spread the Gospel of Steel Wheels on Steel Rail and Miles of Overhead Concrete and Steel

There's a Novel Idea
Government-Run Schools Want Help From PARENTS To Curb Public School Student Fights

Sovereignty Activists Want MORE MONEY
Lingle's Proposed Giveaway of Money and Land to OHA Arouses Suspicion and Outright Opposition from Ethnic Hawaiian Leaders Who Fear Being Sold Out for Cheap

However, the Hawaii Congressman Avoids Asking for Opinion About Partial-Birth Abortion
To Further His Political Agenda, Neil "Agnostic" Abercrombie Asks Vatican for Catholic Opinion on Torture During Interrogation

Mayor Mufi Likes to Pretend He Wasn't City Council Chairman All Those Years
SHIBAI ALERT: Hanneman Blames Predecessor for Oahu's Deteriorating Roadways

Kids Getting Bad Diseases
Hawaii Parents Celebrate As Hawaii Falls from Fifth Place to Sixth in the Nation for Highest Rates of Keiki Chlamydia; Risky Pre-Marital Sex Blamed for Continued Health Crisis

Political Insiders Prefer Darkness to Light
Hawaii's Sunshine Law On the Fast-Track to Be "Amended"; The Public's Business Would No Longer Be Always Handled In Public

Never Mind the "R" After Her Name . . . She Wants a 'Legacy'
Lingle Tries to Attract Support for Turtle Bay Land Grab by Building Left-Wing Coalition of Environmentalists, 'Save the Aina' Hawaiian Right Activists, Fans of Big Government, and Opponents of Tourism Industry

If You Can't Beat the Democrats, Join 'Em; Most of Lingle's Main Bills Alive in Opposition Party-Dominated Legislature

A Peek Into the Future of the Akaka Bill
Indian Tribes Battle Federal Government For Authority to Open Casinos OFF the Reservations As Well As On the Reservations

Political Upheaval or Just Rearranging the Deck Chairs?
BORRECA: Hawaii's Political Action Won't Be in 2008, But in 2010

Fighting Mad and Fighting Back
Just the Beginning of the Battle for Justice: Victims of Kaloko Dam Flood Sue Pflueger's Engineering Companies

Hawaii's Medical Crisis Is Here
Lack of Tort Reform Plus Insufficient Compensation of Doctors and Hospitals by Big Government and Private Insurers Pushes Medical Pros to Move Their Practices from the Most Expensive State in the Nation to Anywhere But Here

Problems with Public Education in Government Schools
PINE: Ewa Beach Keiki Have Enough Problems Without Trying to Study in a Sauna Each Day

Maybe 'Smart Growth' Isn't So Smart, After Al
MEYER: Hawaii Needs to Learn from Example of Portland, Where Land Use Zealots and Government Planners Made Traffic Worse Than It Would Have Been AND Put the Cost of Buying a Home Out of Reach for Most

Lawyers Get What They Want at State Capitol -- Continued Ability to Sue Without Limits
Majority Party at State Legislature Kills Bill to Lower Cost of Healthcare and Improve Availability of Doctors by Reducing Cost of Liability Insurance for Medical Pros; Maybe Hawaii Will Attract Fewer Doctors Without Tort Reform, But Now We'll Attract More Lawyers!!

Who Writes the Headlines at the Star-Bulletin?; "Revives"? . . . It's DEAD

How About the Parents - What Did They Do for Discipline?
St. Louis High School Claims to Have Disciplined the Four, Football-Playing, Egg-Throwing, Drunk-Driving Vandals

St. Louis Claims These "Gentlemen of Character" Are "Good Kids" from "Good Families"

Only Neighbor Island Politicians and Hardcore Activists Care About This Issue
On an Island With a Million Residents, Only 12 People Show Up to Oahu's Superferry EIS Hearings

Two Years Ago Today . . .
Second Anniversary of Kauai's Kaloko Reservoir Dam Burst Tragedy Still Sees No Justice, Criminally or Civilly

Owner of Land and Dam, Vehicle Mogul James Pflueger, Continues to Prevent State Investigators from Inspecting Site

Who's "On the Take"?: Hawaii's Artificially High Cost of Living

Hawaii's Well-Connected Guarantee Their Own Standard of Living At Expense of Silent Majority

Mainland Problems Overwhelm Hawaii

The Impacts of Bad Parenting?

Amazing Things & Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Hawaii's History

Where's the Aloha?

Can HPD Tame the Wild West?